A Lasting Impression on Your Customer

Focus on what you are good at   &   Enjoy your work

Why Konde

Live a best life

Our job at konde is to help you live A best life in every way possible
We strive to find out practical barriers in the beauty industry and empower Salons and Barbershops with amazing tools as possible solutions which are tested and proven in the ground level


Making things easier

All our services are focused on making things easier so that you can focus on what's most important to you. Whether it be to Perform at work or spending time with your family & friends

What's keeping you away

Long Queues
Inconvenient Booking
Frequent Interuptions

Think about your customers

Imagine the trouble your customers have to go through when they are forced to stay in queues. They waste tons of time, otherwise could have spent in productive work. If you already have an appointment system, Still your customers have the trouble to call every time to make a booking and bookings can only be made in a fixed time of the day

Think about you

How busy are you answering phone calls to receive appointments . You may even miss appointments if you are too busy serving a customer or if you are away from work. You lose patience to focus on one customer as too many are lining up. You may even find it hard to managing the crowed. You move from one customer to the other, while you don’t even have some time to relax.


Once your customer visits you when you are too busy, they might leave and never come back. Your customer is as important as your work. It's better to have a best solution to retain them.


No Queues
Convenient Booking
No Interuptions

How your customers benefit

Your customers can make an appointment online 24/7, Get their job done on time and Get back to what matters most to them. It's very easy Your customers will be able to see when you are open and make an appointment when its most convenient to them. Even if you are closed suddenly, you can let people know with a simple click

How you benefit

Your time is valuable. You can free your hands From never ending phone calls To do what you do best. Also you are free of mind to focus on the customer you are serving right now to leave a lasting impression. Your customers satisfaction is your success

Customizable Online Profile

  • - Display your skills online
  • - Grow sales by attracting new customers through multiple channels
  • - Show colours with ratings and reviews
  • - Improve with feedback
  • - Attract customers with offers and promotions

Online Booking System

  • - 24/7 self booking for customers
  • - Easy & Hassle free service for customers
  • - Manage crowed in waiting room
  • - Free your time for what is most important to you
  • - Keep your schedule full

Digital Management System

  • - Get rid of book keeping and manage your bookings digitally
  • - It takes only a glance at your smart device to learn how your day looks like
  • - Managing and modifying schedules is easy and effortless
  • - Manage your team & staff calendars easily

Reporting Tools

  • - Keep track of your earnings
  • - Stay updated with booking statistics
  • - Asses individual staff performance

User friendly dashboard

Manage your bookings effortlessly


No hidden fees. Cancel or change your plan anytime


Standard online profile

Online booking system

Digital management system

Reporting tools


charge per online booking

No fixed monthly fees


Standard online profile

Online booking system

Digital management system

Reporting tools

Elegant one page website

Konde domain name

Top listing


charge per online booking

minimum monthly fee is Rs. 1500

Get started Now

Barber and client booked appointments

Clients can book with you directly based on your availability. You can also create appoinments for your clients who have'nt downloaded the app. You can view all of your appointments in one place as they are scheduled

Reduce no shows

Live alerts In-app, email -customer will be informed by an email nortification when their number drows closer

Cancellation fee To reduce last minute cancellations and no shows

See all your appointments and customer details in one screen

Manage the crowd in your waiting room

Advanced Booking rules

  Set customer rules and preferences for clients when they are booking appoinments. Define on last miniute appoinments. Choose the time intrevel the client can book

Client management

  • Client notes and pics
  • Send offers & promotions
  • Also Offers for regular customers as preferred

Improve with your feedback

  • To grow your shop, you dont have to change your shop. But change the approch
  • Feedbacks directly reach from your customers will help you to do so through the post- appointment survey

Worried About marketing

We do most of the work. We can assist in improving your visibility online, showcase your services, enchance your shop reputation and attract new customers. You can publish your star rating to encourage customers to choose you

Share your customer profile link and do your own marketing